Vampire Facial Cost & Procedure, Midland

Are you looking to find a doctor in Big Spring or Midland, TX that specializes in vampire facials? Look no further than Dr. Ahmed!

What is Vampire Facial?

The vampire facial is a state-of-the-art cosmetic procedure that utilizes a cutting-edge technology in order to provide your skin with a healthy glow. In this therapy, a device named ‘MicroPen’ is used to aerate the under-surface of an aged skin. The needles of the device aerate the skin, before filling the space with a specifically prepared substance, which could be a serum, gel, some kind of skin care product, or a plasma-rich platelet substance (PRP). In the vampire facial therapy, the surgeon prepares the PRP from your blood, and injects it in the aerated, affected (wrinkled) skin.

All the unwanted folds, lines, hollow spaces and wrinkles can be cured effectively with vampire facial treatment. With all the signs of aging treated well, you get a perfect glowing skin and a more youthful appeal.

The vampire facial procedure -

The procedure is completely organic and uses the body’s own platelet-rich plasma to reenergize the cells and boost the collagen production. This plasma is applied to the skin following an injection process.

The PRP contains the natural growth factors, which boost the regeneration of cells, and speed up the development of collagen, which gives a new life to the aged skin. The growth factors in the plasma rejuvenate the skin cells, reduce the wrinkles drastically, and improve the skin tone.

Some amount of blood is taken out from the arm of the patient. The platelets are segregated from the skin, to prepare a unique platelet-rich organic gel, which does not cause any reactions and aftermaths on the treated skin. This platelet-rich substance is injected into your facial skin using the MicroPen. This process ensures the flow of blood, regeneration of tissues and new volume in the treated area – it, all in all, gives a new look and freshness to your skin.

Side-effects of vampire facial

Though no serious side-effects have been registered yet, but sometimes, after the vampire facial therapy, there can be some bruising. However, this goes away within a couple of days and your skin will look exponentially more radiant for months to come. In addition to, the injection site may also appear red, but this will also last after a few days. To ensure the accuracy and best results, you need to make certain that you are getting the treatment from a certified, reputable medical aesthetic surgeon or beauty center.

Vampire facial cost

Body Focus Spa is a renowned medical spa and beauty center in Texas that offers you this beauty treatment at reasonable rates. Our vampire facial cost is just $299. We believe in delivering quality, meeting promises, and making our clients smile beautifully and live healthily. Our treatment cost is far less than that offered by other beauty and wellness centers in the Midland area.

If you would like to find out more information about the cost & procedure, please give us a call or email us. We hope you chose Dr. Ahmed to be your doctor of choice when looking for a vampire facial!

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