Are you looking for a doctor in Midland or Big Spring Texas that specializes in autologous fat transfer? Look no further than Dr. Ahmed!


What is Autologous Fat Transfer?

Autologous fat transfer is a procedure in which the individuals own fat is transferred to other areas of the body where volume is desired. Since the transfer is coming from the patient’s own fat, the process is safe. However, there are three stages that are involved with autologous fat transfer.

The first step for Dr. Ahmed would be very minor liposuction from the target area. The second step would involve the fat cells to be isolated and cleansed. The final step involves injecting the fat cells into the patient’s desired area.


What is the recovery after Autologous Fat Transfer?

After Dr. Ahmed performs the autologous fat transfer, the recovery period is very fast and easy compared to other procedures. Majority of patients can get back to their normal every day activities after an 48 hour time period.