EndyMed Pro Midland

The sleekly designed EndyMed PRO® system is multi-application, upgradeable and available with multiple handpieces, customized to different applications and treatment areas. EndyMed PRO utilizes proprietary 3DEEP® RF technology and has an easy-to-use touch screen interface. The EndyMed PRO® provides targeted, deep dermal heating and collagen remodeling without the need for surface cooling.

3DEEP® Technology

3DEEP® Technology

EndyMed’s proprietary 3DEEP® technology is a multi-source, phase-controlled radiofrequency energy source that is state-of-the-art, safe and effective. 3DEEP uses an array of multiple RF sources and a sophisticated algorithm to manage the phase of the energy flowing between sets of electrodes. The repelling forces between adjacent electromagnetic fields drive the energy vertically into the target tissue, reducing significantly the energy flowing along the skin’s surface (and any potential side effects) and eliminating the need for cooling.



  • Non-invasive but highly effective skin tightening and contouring applications
  • Customized treatment parameters for each patient’s specific needs
  • Minimized discomfort with no cooling requirements
  • Short treatment sessions with no subsequent downtime
  • Progressive results are visible at the end of each session and continue over the months to follow