Sometimes treatments may be used in combination.
The improvement noticed below has been achieved by a combination of Mesotherapy and Chemical Peel

What is Mesotherapy?

In mesotherapy, the mesodermal layer of tissue is injected with pharmaceuticals, vitamins, plant extracts, and other injectables in small quantities. The procedure targets the adipose fat cells, and promotes the loss of fat and cellulite. The administration rejuvenates the target area quite swiftly with in just a few sessions.

The procedure is brief, taking only 20-30 minutes per session. The number of sessions required by a patient varies.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

  1. To treat hyper-pigmentation lightening agents, such as Glutathione and Vitamin C, are injected. It treats
    • melasma
    • blemishes
    • freckles
    • post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
  2. Hair follicles rejuvenation, a combination of dihydrotestosterone blockers (hormone), vitamins and minerals is used to stimulate the circulation of blood in scalp
  3. Used as anti-aging treatment; it helps to straighten fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, acne scars can be treated with materials like hyaluronic acid.

What is chemical peel

As the name suggests, in this technique to rejuvenate your skin a chemical solution applied to the skin that exfoliate it, which eventually peels off. The procedure removes dead skin cells, which stimulates new skin cells, giving tightened wrinkle free skin, with youthful appearance.

What are different Types of Peels?

The doctor determines the type of peel for your treatment. Two types of peels are usually used:
Superficial peels consist of Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid mixed with fruit extracts.

Benefits: It address minor skin irregularities

  • surface scarring
  • discoloration
  • fine acne scars
  • fine lines

Deep peel mainly has phenol that penetrates deeper in skin. It is used for serious aberrations:

  • blotchiness
  • coarse wrinkles
  • deep acne scars

The results last for long, however, recuperation period is also long. After chemical peel, the patient will have swollen and red skin.