Spot fat reduction
(defined and illustrated below)

Medically lose cellulite and fat without liposuction surgery

Mesotherapy is a medical treatment for spot fat reduction and cellulite treatment. After being used in France for over 50 years, doctors in the United States are now providing this procedure, which may help you get rid of fat and cellulite without undergoing surgery. This new treatment is called Mesotherapy, a technique where small amounts of medication, vitamins and supplements are injected into the fat and connective tissue which makes up the middle layer of skin called the mesoderm. Until recently, a travel abroad would have been the only way to have Mesotherapy, but doctors in the United States are now using it for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing cellulite and fat, hair restoration, and diminishing puffy eyes.

Mesotherapy (pronounced Mezzo – therapy) was originally invented in France by Dr. Michael Pistor and has been performed there since 1952. Dr. Pistor discovered that when small amounts of medications were injected into the mesoderm, blood flow would increase to the treated area, dissolving excess fat deposits, improving lymphatic drainage and removing hardened connective tissue. Since 1952, approximately 15,000 doctors around the world have been using Mesotherapy in their daily practice.

Mesotherapy may be an alternative to liposuction for some patients since it is a non-surgical technique for spot weight reduction, sagging chins and eyelids, and for eliminating cellulite from heavy thighs, abdomen, hips and buttocks. Mesotherapy is not considered a weight loss procedure. Approximately 20% of patients claimed immediate results for losing inches and some weight, for others Mesotherapy results are slower but still very noticeable. Patients still have to watch their diets and exercise regularly to lose the fat and to keep it off.

Mesotherapy is generally considered a safe procedure and requires no anesthesia. The injections cause slight discomfort, similar to the pain experienced from waxing. The cost of Mesotherapy varies based on the areas being treated and ranges from $200 to $600 per session. Treatments may run anywhere from 3 to 15 sessions depending on the severity of the problem. As with any medical procedure there are risks involved with Mesotherapy and you should discuss these risks with your doctor prior to undergoing any procedure. American Health and Beauty recommends consulting at least 2 different Mesotherapy doctors before committing to any procedure.

Photos take just 3 weeks after treatments