Butt Augmentation Injection Recovery – Midland Butt Lift

Posted on November 21, 2014 | Under Butt Augmentation.

Butt Augmentation Injection Recovery Colleyville

Butt augmentation injections will move fat from one area of your body to your buttocks, shaping it and adding volume. Butt augmentation injection recovery is a vital aspect of this process.

For two to three weeks after your Brazilian butt lift procedure, you’ll need to stay home from work. Once two to three weeks of butt augmentation injection recovery have passed, you may be ready to return to your job. It will also be very helpful to stay away from any intense physical activities for four weeks after the procedure.

For more instructions on the right way to treat your body during butt augmentation injection recovery, arrange an appointment by contacting our office. Dr. Steve Ahmed is a skilled cosmetic surgeon who will be happy to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Call or email today.


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