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Posted on July 3, 2013 | Under Butt Augmentation, Liposuction.

Buttock implants add volume to a flat, shapeless butt, creating an appealing curve. If you’re considering getting a gluteal upgrade, butt augmentation surgery may be the right choice for you.

Butt Augmentation TexasLike chin implants, buttock implants are made of silicone. Unlike breast implants, which are silicone shells filled with liquid or gel, butt implants don’t have the potential to rupture and leak, since they are comprised of completely solid material.

During butt augmentation surgery, an incision is made either in the center crease or the area where the thigh and the bottom of the cheek connect. With the center crease, scars are less visible, but it also carries a higher potential for infection. With the other incision site option, there is a greater possibility that the implant will be placed below the optimal area. Choosing a site is a decision best made with the physician performing the procedure.

After the incision is created, a pocket is made in the tissue, sized appropriately for the implant. This pocket can be placed on top of or beneath the gluteus maximus muscle. The implant is inserted into this area snugly, reducing the risk of implant drift. Liposuction is sometimes performed to supplement this procedure, helping to contour the buttocks. Finally, the incision is closed using surgical stitches.

Buttock implants are only one of several ways to add dimension. Dr. Steve Ahmed, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, is well-versed in butt implants and fat transfer injections. To find out which method is right for you, make an appointment to discuss these procedures at one of our offices in Midland, TX, and Big Spring, TX.

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