Difference between vampire facial and micro needling treatment

Posted on December 2, 2015 | Under vampire facelift.

Everyone makes countless efforts to keep looking young and beautiful. In this quest, they follow different practices, as gymming, yoga, meditation, and natural nutritive diet. However, aging is a universal truth, which cannot be denied. Your skin is the whiteboard of aging, where it keeps writing that you are growing old. You cannot defeat aging, but you can surely lessen the effects brought in by growing age. Thanks to the human progression

Vampire Facial and Micro Needling

Vampire facial and micro needling are two effective aesthetic medical procedures, through which you can eliminate the signs and fonts, written by aging, on your facial skin. Though micro needling is more acknowledged for being useful for removing scars, marks and tattoos from your skin, but it can be constructive when looking to get lines and wrinkles, caused by growing age, removed.

We will be learning more about both the treatment, and a few differences between them –

Vampire Facial – It is quite an expensive yet an outstanding treatment if you are worried over the signs of growing age on your face. The vampire facial cost should be discussed and finalized with the doctors, before you undergo the treatment. Further, checking the reliability of the clinic and the charges being asked by other hospices is also very important. It saves you from making wrong investments.

  • A dermal filler treatment which is more focused on you.
  • It employs the platelets or growth factors sourced from your own blood.
  • The PRFM substance is injected into your skin, which encourage the development of new tissues. Furthermore, it makes corrects your skin tone, texture, and lifts the folds of your skin.

Micro Needling – Micro Needling for acne scars is a treatment, in which a device, having tiny surgical needles, creates small, calculated injuries on your skin. And when the body releases natural collagen to cure those diminutive wounds, the scars are also treated naturally.

  • Highly positive treatment for the scars of acne, pimples, and wounds.
  • Can also remove stretch marks.
  • Less recovery time, long lasting results.
  • No side effects on the skin, though hygiene should be ensured.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vampire Facial and Micro Needling Treatment, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ahmed today.


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