Eyelash Regrowth – Prescription Latisse Midland

Posted on September 19, 2014 | Under Latisse.

With all the temporary eyelash beauty aids out there, real eyelash regrowth can seem impossible. But with Latisse medication, more and more patients are experiencing the reality of lash rejuvenation.

To achieve optimal eyelash regrowth, Latisse should be applied daily for a period of sixteen weeks. Once this period is over, speak to your physician about your preferences regarding continuation of use. If you would like to keep using Latisse, there is a possibility that you will then be able to apply it every two or three days rather than every day.

Latisse medication can work wonders on short, thinning, pale eyelashes. Discuss Latisse further with Dr. Steve Ahmed, a cosmetic surgeon with years of aesthetic experience. Eyelash regrowth could be just within your reach. To arrange a Latisse consultation with Dr. Ahmed, contact our office.

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