What is Vampire facelift?

Vampire facelift is an aesthetic medical treatment that offers a younger looking skin. When providing a patient with the treatment, the certified dermatologist draws the blood of the patient, to create a unique substance, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is again injected into the aged or wrinkled skin, which has to be treated. The procedure ensures that no harmful side effects and allergies occur, as the filler substance is sourced from the skin of the patient. With this therapy, according to physicians and medical science, the wrinkles and other signs of aging can be cured effectively.


How does the Vampire Facelift work?

First, some blood is taken from the patient’s arm. The blood is then processed. The platelets and other blood components from the blood are isolated, to prepare a platelet-rich fibrin matrix, PRFM, a kind of blood plasma, which is injected into the skin of the patient.


The blood platelets are activated by using one of several different methods, but the most common is exposure to calcium chloride. Once exposed, it forms PRFM (which is the rejuvenating Elixer that is made by the patient’s own platelets.)


PRFM – the Blood Plasma – contains many growth factors that encourage the collagen synthesis and the regeneration of skin tissues, making you look more youthful, fresh and cheerful. The filling of the plasma rejuvenates the allure of your facial skin.


Now this plasma gel is injected into multiple areas of your face. The Vampire Facelift induces the growth of brand new collagen, skin tissues and new blood vessels around every injection site. The procedure ‘lifts’ your magnetism and youthfulness enormously.


Altogether, this process lifts the skin away from the bone and creates new skin volume and new blood flow, sculpting the face and creating a younger complexion, a more youthful and more aesthetically appealing appearance.


Vampire Facelift

The benefits of vampire facelift treatment

The improvements will continue for up to 12 weeks and last for at least 15 months, and the vampire facelift cost depends on the severity of the signs of aging and the condition of patient’s skin. Some of the benefits of vampire facelift are:


No side-effects & allergies – The filler is formulated from the blood of the patient. It zeros the chances of side-effects and allergies. In comparison to other skin rejuvenation procedures that employ synthetic materials, chemicals and animal hormones, vampire facelift is safer.


All natural results – The injection of PRFM persuades the development of new skin tissues and collagens that make you look younger naturally.


Vampire Facelift Cost

We, Body Focus, offer you the best consultation and treatments on various medical aesthetic procedures at competitive rates. Our vampire facelift cost is $1500, however it may also increase depending on the type and condition of your facial skin.


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