Gluteal Augmentation Recovery – Big Spring Buttock Implants

Posted on April 11, 2014 | Under Buttock implants.

Gluteal Augmentation Recovery Big Spring

Buttock implants will give some shape to a shapeless rear end. The gluteal augmentation procedure has a history of satisfied patients. For optimal results, rest up and don’t overexert yourself during the gluteal augmentation recovery period.

While exercise is important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to take a break from strenuous exercises while you’re healing from buttock implantation. Anything that strains the healing tissues during gluteal augmentation recovery will only extend the time it will take to heal up.

In one to two months after the butt augmentation procedure, exercise and other stressful actions can be resumed. As long as you follow cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steve Ahmed’s post-surgical care directions, your gluteal augmentation recovery will be as comfortable as possible. To make an appointment with Dr. Ahmed, contact our office.


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