PRF Hair Treatment in Alpine – What to Expect?

Posted on December 23, 2020 | Under PRF hair treatment.

Hair loss can be daunting for most people. It can impact a person’s self-esteem and also have various other psychological effects. The platelet-rich plasma method shows promise but isn’t nearly as effective as PRF hair treatment in Alpine when it comes to the regenerative potential. There are an array of concrete factors that separate PRF for hair growth in Texas.

How is PRF a Superior Method for Hair Growth?

The treatment process involves the slow-speed spinning of human blood in a centrifuge. Unlike PRP, the white blood and stem cells are attached to the platelet layer in PRF. This enhances the healing factors and results in an overall better treatment without the risk of trauma.

PRF for hair growth in Texas consists of fibrin, stem cells, platelets, and white blood cells that are injected in the area where there is a bald spot or thinning hair.

PRF for hair growth Texas

What to expect?

The treatment procedure begins with drawing tubes of blood in a manner not very different from a routine physical examination. The collected blood is then put in a customized centrifuge, which allows the isolation of platelet-rich cells. The platelet-rich fibrin solution is then injected into the scalp in areas where the hair is thin or with a bald spot. The injection process takes around thirty minutes. The PRF hair treatment in Alpine is performed once a month for a period of three to four months, after which the results start showing. One can opt to repeat the treatment once or twice a year to maintain hair growth and ensure long-term stability. Physicians can also prescribe additional medications that are proven to augment the process and help with optimal results.

PRF is a safe method for hair growth since it makes use of an individual’s own cells. Moreover, the treatment process is free from pain or any other form of discomfort. That being said, make sure to visit a renowned wellness center to avoid unnecessary revisits or any other inconvenience.

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