Sagging Skin – Vampire FaceLift Big Spring

Posted on January 17, 2014 | Under vampire facelift.

Sagging Skin – Vampire FaceLift Big Spring

Sagging skin can be combated with the help of the Vampire FaceLift, a form of injectable facelift that uses the healing factors of your blood to make your skin look tighter and more beautiful. When platelet-rich plasma is taken from your blood and activated, it’s known as platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). At this point, it is ready for injection.

The areas of the face with sagging skin and other issues are numbed using gel. The PRFM is then injected into the face, where it stimulates the stem cells to grow fresh skin tissue. New collagen and blood vessels are created, making the skin tighter and giving it a healthy complexion.

So if you want to tighten that drooping, sagging skin, get a Vampire FaceLift from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Ahmed. Dr. Ahmed performs several rejuvenating procedures at Body Focus Spa, so contact us for a consultation today!

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