What is Micropen?

MicroPen is a micro-needling device, ideally used for the treatment of skin scars and signs of aging. This revolutionary, cordless device ensures fast, accurate and safe surgical procedure. With this contrivance, the signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and folds can be cured effectively. It can be valuable in alleviating all kinds of scars and spots on the skin.

MicroPen Treatment

The collagen induction therapy (CIT) is performed with this micro-needling device. It is a major success in the field of aesthetic medical treatment. The device stands as a great help during various dermal filler procedures. The tiny needles of MicroPen create small, well-calculated injuries and superficial micro channels on the skin, through which the treatment for adverse skin conditions is rendered. These injuries and channels are cured with different kinds of medicated gels, chemicals and filler substances.

The key advantages of Eclipse MicroPen® –

Nowadays, MicroPen has become quite a popular utility in the aesthetic medical field, due to its several advantageous features and facilitations. Some of the best benefits of Eclipse MicroPen® are –

Safe – MicroPen is way safer than the dermal treatment machines and devices (like: dermal roller) of previous generation. Additionally, the needles of this device are made from surgical grade steel, which proves to be safer than the material of other machines. Further, this tool is ideal for many skin treatment procedures and conditions.

Quick Resolution – With the handiness of Eclipse MicroPen, it becomes feasible for the aesthetic surgeon to provide the therapy quickly and accurately. Moreover, when treated with this micro needling pen, the treated areas recover speedily. In just two-three sessions, you can get your desired facial glow.

Accurate solutions – The skin conditions, types and the severity of diseases and aging change from person to person. Thereby, every patient should be provided with an accurate treatment, which is suitable for his/her skin. With the efficacy of Eclipse MicroPen®, it is very much possible for the medical practitioner to provide you with a personalized skin treatment, suitable for your skin and body system.

Unfailing results – Before a patient undergoes a therapy, an intense testing is performed. This pre-analysis helps determine the most appropriate substance for his/her skin problems. Furthermore, the dermatologists are required to get a certification to offer MicroPen treatment. Not only does it help the doctor to provide you with an unfailing treatment, but also to estimate and predict the possible results and recovery time.

PossibilitiesMicro needling for acne scars, wrinkles, facial lines are frequently and successfully performed with MicroPen.

Immediate results – The results approach immediately after the therapy. However, sometimes, it may take two to three days to observe the results. And the results continue to improve in coming months.

Micropen Treatment Cost

The cost of our procedure of micro needling for scars is just $249.

To know more about the cost of Eclipse MicroPen™ Treatment, call us @ (432) 687-1125.