Are you worried about your hair loss pattern? Are you approaching the stage of baldness at a fast pace? If yes, then you would surely be wishing to get an ideal treatment for hair growth. Still, lack of time and absence of an ideal clinic to treat hair loss around, might be creating stumbling block in actualizing your coveted wish. Isn’t it? But not anymore! We are here to put an end to your woes.

What is PRF method?                   

The Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF method is a further addition to the platelet gel therapeutic concept, which does not require anticoagulants and needs least in vitro manipulations. When combined with follicular unit transplantation, it facilitates fast hair growth in bald locations of the scalp of the androgenetic alopecia patients. PRF is 100% natural and does not contain any additives, which makes it a better alternative to Platelet rich plasma (PRP) method.

Constituents of PRF

The PRF consists of:

  • Platelets: These comprise proteins and various other growth factors that help in accelerating the hair growth.
  • White Blood Cells: Considered as important component of the human blood, WBC also help in tissue regeneration.
  • Fibrin: It is an insoluble protein and a prime component of blood clot in case of bleeding. It provides support to the growth factors.
  • Stem Cells: Found in the bone marrow and peripheral blood, these immature cells can transform into specialized cells including RBC, WBC, and platelets. They take active participation in the repair system of the human body and own the tendency to heal the adult tissues.

How PRF can ensure better hair growth?

The PRF is obtained by spinning the human blood in a centrifuge at a low speed. The slow spinning tends the stem cells and white blood cells to remain attached with the platelet layer unlike in the case of PRP. This enables PRF to have increased healing factors. The low speed leads to better treatment and reduced trauma, as it involves the individual cells. The mixture of platelets, stem cells and white blood cells is injected into the bald or thinning hair locations of the scalp for improved hair growth.

The ideal place to get PRF treatment

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