The Xeo Platform provides the most versatile laser and light technologies on the market today. Whether it be skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular therapies – or all of the above, the Xeo Platform can accommodate your specific needs through it’s upgradeable platform.

With the Platform having both laser and light devices, we can control the parameters and customize each treatment making our work more precise and have more control over each patients treatment needs.

The Xeo Platform here at Body Focus Medical Spa & Wellness Center has three of the devices attached.


ProWave’s multiple wavelength technology switches modes from Alexandrite to Diode to near Nd:YAG for maximum results, safety and versatility—all in a single high speed device.

  • Clinical studies showed > 80% hair reduction six months post three treatments.
Skin Type Mean Range
Type I-II 83% 65-95%
Type III 93% 90-98%
Type IV-V 73% 30-95%
Christine Lee, MD study (USA)
Table 1 Number of sites Mean number of hairs
at baseline
Mean number of hairs
after treatment
Hair reduction
Mode A 15 42.0 8.3 81.81%
Mode B 15 39.6 7.6 80.47%
Total for modes
A and B
30 40.85 7.95 81.14%
Kei Negishi, MD study (Japan)

Cool Glide

Cool Glide was the first laser that was cleared for ALL skin types and endorsed by physicians all over the world.

  • Treat all skin types (I-VI) including tanned skin in the summer.
  • Patented PowerFlex™ technology provides fast treatments and high efficacy; allows independent control of fluence, pulse duration and repetition rates to tailor your treatment parameters.
  • Copper cooling provides the most efficient method of cooling for optimal skin protection and comfort.
  • Large spot size (10 mm) for maximum speed and optimal penetration at all follicle depths.


LimeLight is the most versatile, programmable device for treating vascular and pigmented lesions.

  • Three distinct pre-set programs (520-1100 nm) provide excellent hemoglobin and melanin absorption for uniform treatments and ease of use.
  • Clinical versatility permits treatment of multiple indications, including both low and high contrast pigmentation.
  • Features such as the industry’s fastest treatment speed and adjustable temperature control provide clinical versatility.
  • Only company with real-time calibration; this ensures accurate and consistent power output during treatment for reproducible results and patient safety.
Program Comparable Filtered Device Application
A 520 filter Fine telangiectasia, diffuse redness
B 560 filter Telangiectasia, diffuse redness, low and high contrast pigment
C 580 filter Solar lentigines


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