Revitalize your Facial Features by Opting Dermal fillers

Revitalize your Facial Features by Opting Dermal fillers

Posted on December 26, 2018 | Under dermal fillers.

Maintaining a youthful face is achievable by using injectable treatments. Amongst that, dermal filler is the most well liked choices nowadays. No doubt, youthful faces have flabby apple cheeks and flat contours with a natural glow. But, with the ageing process, you can see the loss of facial collagen, which take away your natural charm.

Dermal fillers

Treatment via dermal fillers Midland

Females look for best options to enhance their look and overall personality. All through the years, their face loses its definition and ends up becoming skinny. Therefore, treatment of dermal fillers Midland has become a known requested cosmetic procedure. Women of all age groups are opting for this procedure. Dermal fillers recover your cheeks by filling up its lost volume, thereby giving a healthy appearance to your skin.You can use it or the following purposes:

  • Minimize insensitive angles by giving smoother cheek contour: The surgeon will inject the filler in the skin where he or she can see wrinkles, fine lines, and hollow area. Instantly, you can notice the major difference. When the collagen of the body starts decreasing, hyaluronic acid fillers recover the weakening supporting layers of skin.
  • Fill the hollow cheeks: The surgeon plumps the apples of the cheeks, thereby making the cheekbones higher. This improves your look, balance facial features, and immediately restores the face with youthful appearance.
  • Make higher cheekbone: High cheekbones enhance the beauty of a person, but regrettably, not everybody is that lucky to have it naturally. Volume loss diminishes the cheek but the use of dermal filler can rectify it and bring back symmetry to the face.
  • Give a natural curve to cheeks: Dermal fillers Midland is perfect for those aspiring to look young and fresh. The natural curve of cheeks is something every female yearns for.

Overall, this filler can do wonders for your skin but you need to opt for the correct surgeon. This treatment is a superb option for you to fight the sign of ageing. Do not wait and go for dermal filler treatment in Midland.

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Reverse Aging Effects Wonderfully with Dermal Filler Treatment

Posted on June 1, 2017 | Under dermal fillers.

As we age, our faces naturally lose some fat and smoothness; and our facial muscles start working closer to the skin’s surface. Due to this fat loosening process, the smile lines and crow’s feet become more visible on our faces. Stretches on the facial skin also add to the loss of facial volume. Apart from the natural reasons, other factors like sun exposure, lifestyle and heredity also affect our facial skin badly.

Every problem has a solution

Be it natural fat loosening or the environmental distress on our facial skin, you always have an option to fight back the negatives. Although Botox and dermal filler treatments involve injections, don’t confuse between the two. While fillers are used to add volume to the face, Botox treatment is used to stop muscle movement to get rid of wrinkles.

Useful Insight to Dermal Fillers

The treatment involves placing the fillers in strategic places to fix facial aging concerns. The treatment helps in lifting cheeks and jaws along with adding volume to thin lips and deep lines to enhance your face profile with a natural expression. With minimal invasive procedure, these dermal fillers can help you with following advantages:

  • Plump thin lips and give an even appearance to the vertical lines around the edges of lips
  • Soften facial wrinkles and creases
  • Removes smile lines
  • Enhance shallow contours on the face
  • Fill out depressions under the eye area
  • Make acne scars more even with the surrounding skin
  • Augment cheeks to enhance their shape and restore youthfulness

With reduced natural levels of collagen in our body, our facial skin loses its smoothness that needs to be treated in time. When you feel your facial wrinkles are not going away, you should seek professional help of dermal fillers in Big Spring to get an early cure.

Different uses of dermal fillers:

  • Marionette lines: Running from the corners of the mouth, down to the chin, these lines cause deep creases which lead to poor jaw line.
  • Nasolabial lines: Starting from the nose to the mouth, these deep lines are usually the result of volume loss in the temple and cheeks.
  • Cheek augmentation: Loss of volume in the cheeks can result in flatten mid face. Dermal fillers work wonderfully for cheek augmentation by instantly adding volume to the cheeks giving the person more youthful appearance.

Based on your specific need, you can reach expert dermal fillers in Big Spring for face enhancement treatment. Removal of fine lines and sunken cheeks after getting the treatment, you will get back your youthful glow and confidence too.

If you are interested in learning more about the dermal fillers, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ahmed today.

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Dermal Fillers to Combat the Signs of Aging

Posted on August 25, 2015 | Under dermal fillers.

Technically termed as injectable or cosmetic fillers, dermal fillers are a substance, used in the practices of aesthetic medical sciences. The soft tissue substance, when injected, tightens the outer layer of the skin, and helps removing wrinkles and other signs of aging. The injection of the filler gives a smooth, shinier texture to the facial skin, in addition.

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, and in this quest, they are ready to go whichever extent. And this is not a latest trend, do you remember the French queen Maria De Medici, who would bathe in the tub filled with the blood of virgin girls? Though because of her deeds, she has been named as one of the most notorious queens of the world history.

Coming back to the modern age, the science today has progressed to a level, where there are available methods that can help you look younger than what your actual age is.

Dermal FillersDermal fillers are a non-surgical method that gives immediate results, right after the treatment. The filler, which often is a synthetic material, is injected right below the wrinkles or folds. The gel plumps up the under areas of the treated skin, as a result, you get a tight, fresh, and younger looking skin. The rejuvenation process usually takes no time, however you may have to visit the center many times to get the desired facelift. The best part of going for this treatment is that results turn observable; right after the procedure has been performed. The results usually stay for about four months to one year, depending on the followed treatment and the used substance.

The areas that can be retreated to look young –Facial areas, like cheeks, crow’s feet, shrinks around eyes, eleven between eye brows, lines around lips, nose, forehead, and those unique wrinkles found on the face and lips of chain smokers, can be treated with dermal filler therapy.

Apart from making your skin look younger, the dermal fillers can also help you enhance the beauty of your lips. The rejuvenation of lips will give you an entire new look, and add glamour and sexiness to your everyday appearance. By injecting fillers in your lips, you can get thicker lips, which will add to your overall persona.

The fillers can be used for the beauty renovation in any body part, though consulting an expert aesthetic surgeon would be advisable. You should visit a certified beauty treatment clinic, and discuss and negotiate over Dermal Filler Cost. Find out a clinic holds some reputation and recognition in your city area.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dermal Fillers process and to find out if you may be a good candidate for the procedure, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ahmed today.


Platelet-Rich Plasma – Vampire FaceLift Midland

Posted on January 3, 2014 | Under vampire facelift.

Platelet-Rich Plasma – Vampire FaceLift Midland

Curious about how the Vampire FaceLift non-surgical facelift works? The key ingredient actually comes from your own blood! A plastic surgeon will draw a small amount of blood, and then a component known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is separated out from the rest of it. But that’s just the start!

After the Platelet-Rich Plasma is activated (often using a compound called calcium chloride), it’s known as Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). Dermal filler is added to the PRFM, making it even more effective for adding volume to your skin and getting rid of signs of aging. It’s injected into the target areas, where it starts working its magic.

Ready to use your Platelet-Rich Plasma to rejuvenate your skin? Come to Body Focus Spa! Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Ahmed will answer your questions about Vampire FaceLifts and our other revitalizing procedures. To make an appointment with Body Focus Spa, contact us today!

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