Latisse – Big Spring Eyelash Revitalization

Posted on July 3, 2014 | Under Latisse.

Latisse – Big Spring Eyelash Revitalization

Are you using false eyelashes to compensate for short, thinning lashes? Stop – you’re actually making the situation worse! Instead, try Latisse, a medication designed to regrow thick, long, lustrous lashes.

How do false eyelashes make your lash issues worse? Simple: False lashes inadvertently remove eyelashes when you’re taking them off and putting them on. Stop accidentally plucking out lashes and start using Latisse. Nightly applications of Latisse will give you an increase in lashes that are healthier and deeper in color.

So toss out those false eyelashes and make an appointment for a Latisse consultation! Contact our office today to get started. Dr. Steve Ahmed, a cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic professional with a great deal of experience, is your perfect choice for proper lash care.

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