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Posted on January 31, 2014 | Under vampire facelift.

Facial Rejuvenation







How exactly does the Vampire FaceLift work to promote facial rejuvenation? On the most basic level, Vampire FaceLift treatments tell your skin that it’s time to heal wounds when no actual wounds are present. When the body heals wounds, it creates new cells to replace the damaged ones or missing ones.

As you age, your cells become damaged and worn down, making your skin saggy, colorless and rough to the touch. The injections from a Vampire FaceLift will stimulate facial rejuvenation, encouraging your tissues to grow new skin cells and blood cells. The new skin cells feel smooth and flawless, and the new blood vessels add color to pale areas of the skin.

To learn more about the science behind this non-surgical, minimally invasive facelift procedure, pay a visit to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Ahmed. Dr. Ahmed’s years of experience with facial rejuvenation make him the perfect choice to help you meet your aesthetic goals. To create an appointment, contact us.

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