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Posted on July 5, 2017 | Under Juvederm injections.

Juvederm Injections Colleyville

To reduce those pesky facial lines and wrinkles, many aesthetic professionals use Juvederm injections. These powerful injections provide quality skin rejuvenation in a matter of minutes.

Juvederm injections are quite effective in the treatment of wrinkles and folds in the skin. Since they are able to treat many areas of the face, they are also very versatile. Juvederm can be used to ease away forehead wrinkles, brow lines, marionette lines, cheek wrinkles, the nasolabial folds, and lipstick lines above the mouth.

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Improve the Appearance of your Facial Lines with Juvederm Filler

Posted on April 20, 2017 | Under juvederm.

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin and turn to smooth and shiny skin? With just one treatment, you can make your skin look smooth and wrinkle-free. Juvederm filler is one of the best ways to tighten and plump up your wrinkled skin. It is an injectable filler used by cosmetic dermatological surgeons to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles on the face of the patient. It is used for removing fine lines and folds in the skin that makes your face look rough.

With the help of Juvederm treatment, nasolabial folds or smile lines, creases of the skin, which runs from the corner of the nose and mouth. This treatment also helps in plumping up your lips and hollow places underneath the eyes. The products of Juvederm are like a smooth consistency gel. These products are developed using the Hylacross technology, which forms into a smoother, malleable gel. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. This acid is formed by holding in water at the injection site and acting as a cushioning agent. A temporary volume is added to the skin for a smoother appearance of the skin. Most patients need one treatment to achieve optimal results, but it varies from patient to patient depending on the skin tone.

Juverderm fillers work well for cosmetic and plastic surgery applications because hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, thereby adding new volume under the surface of the sagging skin. Juvederm helps in hydrating your skin and within 2-3 days of the treatment the sheen of the facial skin is restored. The skin remains moisturized enough and give a fresher look than before.

Note: The side effects of Juvederm are mild in nature and short-lived. During the treatment or after the treatment, the patient might suffer some side effects such as redness, pain/tenderness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching, discoloration, and risk of infection.

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