Latisse Treatments – Preparation Midland

Posted on July 25, 2014 | Under Latisse.

Latisse Treatments – Preparation Midland

Latisse is a long-lasting eyelash rejuvenation treatment engineered to provide lash regrowth. Aging can cause a person’s lashes to deteriorate and weaken, and Latisse treatments are the key to reversing this process. How does one prepare for Latisse treatments?

Latisse treatments are quite convenient, involving very little preparation. The first step is removing your contact lenses, if you wear contacts. If you wear makeup, this will also have to be taken off. Finally, cleanse your face. You’ll then be ready to add your Latisse treatments to your eyelids.

To learn more about Latisse and its revitalizing effects, arrange a consultation by contacting our office. You’ll be able to speak with Dr. Steve Ahmed, a cosmetic surgeon with a high level of skill and years of experience. Call or email today!

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