Pseudo-Folliculitis – Razor Bumps Midland

Posted on December 31, 2014 | Under skin.

Shaving hair close down to the skin can result in a condition known as pseudo-folliculitis. If you’re experiencing these tiny skin bumps and would like smooth, beautiful skin, come into Body Focus Spa for treatments.

Razor bumps spring up when very curly hairs have grown inwards back into the skin following shaving. The body reacts to this as though each hair were a foreign body, and inflammation occurs in the area. The area develops razor bumps, or pseudo-folliculitis. These bumps are actually small keloids (a type of scar).

For more information on treatments for pseudo-folliculitis and other skin issues, set up a consultation with skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steve Ahmed in Texas. To make an appointment for a consultation, contact our office.