Why is it Important to Tackle Obesity and Overweight in Children?

Posted on April 2, 2019 | Under weight loss.

According to World Health Organization, obesity and overweight are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. They also pose major risks for many of the chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They have slowly moved from high income countries to low and middle-income countries and mostly to urban areas. Today, more people are suffering from obesity than from starvation worldwide. The increase in obesity in the past 20 years has been phenomenal and is expected to continue to rise.

Of particular concern is child obesity. It is recorded that approximately 17 percent of U.S. youth have obesity and almost one in three children and adolescents are either obese or overweight.  These are dangerous times to be living in. All this brings us to focus on our children who are our future. What hope is there if they are going to succumb to diseases especially ones like obesity and overweight which could be prevented. Parents and healthcare advisers who identify children with these concerns must take steps to manage weight loss in Midland

Current Eating Habits

It is noted that fewer than 15% of the American elementary school-age children eat the recommended five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables. This shows they are at a higher risk for obesity and other chronic diseases. And as adults and healthcare practitioners, we need to start making changes so they can make healthier choices which will see them through adulthood. Centers specializing in weight loss in Midland are can help in drawing out healthy diet charts for children battling with issues of overweight and obesity.

Recommended Changes for Children

Changes need not necessarily be drastic in nature. Simply replacing a pack of chips with a fruit alone can lower the children’s daily fat-intake almost to the recommended level. Not only that, but it can also provide important nutrients like folate, fiber and vitamin C.  A 12-ounce soft drink when replaced with a single serving (6-ounce) of 100 percent fruit juice increases vitamin C intake by 56 percent, potassium by 13 percent and beta-carotene by 8 percent. Based on the child’s preferences, you can consult with the professional managing weight loss in Midland to come up with fun and interesting ways to incorporate healthy foods into your child’s diet.

Healthy Future

Healthy children make a healthy future as they are the citizens of tomorrow. Schools also play an important role in shaping lifelong healthy eating habits. Meal programs including milk, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and important nutrients like calcium and fiber will help in fueling children’s learning abilities. Customized meal plans advised by specialist dieticians of weight loss in Midland can go a long way in achieving this goal.


When Should You Consider Losing Weight?

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To answer this question, one needs to determine their Body Index Mass (BMI) score. The scores are read this way – BMI of 30 and above is considered obese, 25 to 29.9 is overweight, 18.5 to 24.9 is normal and below 18.5 is underweight.  Added to this, if you have symptoms like problem exercising, snoring loudly, tired all the time, almost always hungry or if your knees, hips and back hurt, you may wish to fix an appointment with a weight loss center in Big Spring.

There’s More to BMI

Any good weight loss center in Big Spring will be able to tell you that BMI is also used to determine one’s health risks associated with overweight and obesity and they include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and snoring, osteoarthritis and joint disease and even premature death.   Having said this, BMI does not necessarily assess a person’s body composition such as amount of muscle, bone, fat and other tissues. So, a person with more muscles can end up in the overweight category and still be healthy. Despite this, BMI score is still a good place to start to understand if one’s weight is a problem or not.

Reasons to Lose Weight

More than fitting into those skinny pair of jeans, your healthcare adviser at the weight loss center in Big Spring will tell you that one’s purpose to lose weight should be to lead a healthy, active life free of sickness as much as possible. Some of its benefits include agility by reducing joint pain caused due to carrying all that extra weight. It can also help you to sleep better as excess weight and obesity is the most common cause for sleep apnea.  You will also enjoy a stronger immune system and not be susceptible to falling sick often.

Do it Right!

Every season brings its own version of fad diets and the internet is filled with instructions for every type, be it plant-based, meat-based or vegan.  Diets like these, especially if they are not taken under medical supervision, can pose major health risks and can even cause death. Some of the effects of crash diets can be slow metabolism, muscle burning, missing out on major nutrients and constantly being hungry. They are also no sustainable and in the long term can cause more harm than good. Instead, if you choose to visit a weight loss center in Big Spring, you can consult with a healthcare provider who can suggest a diet that will not only reduce your weight, but also help in maintaining that weight and boost your overall health.

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Are you looking for a perfect place for weight loss Midland?

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Obesity is a nutritional disorder,which is affecting the entire world alike. Countless people are suffering from overweigh problem. In the absence of a proper plan or knowledge of the correct procedure, they tend to suffer from depression. This is again one of the causes of gaining weight. To reduce weight one should remain focused and mentally prepared. The need is hence to look out for the best physicians who could help you with your weight loss regime in Midland and elsewhere.

These weight loss Midland clinics chalk out a proper plan that one needs to execute honestly in order to lose weight. At the same time, appropriate diet also comprises an important part of the program. Workout and diet combination is the most effective weight loss process.

Tips for weight loss (Diet):

  • Breakfast should be healthy and contain eatables like contain eggs, vegetables and fruits.
  • The meals that you take should be small and frequent. It is advisable to take 4-5 small meals every day.
  • In the evening session, the meals should be lighter
  • Your meals should have the appropriate amount of vegetables
  • Protein is an important part of the diet and in that case, tries to take lean protein every day
  • Water is a very important part of the diet. Take about 2 liters of water every day
  • It is very much important that you should never skip a meal

It is wise to follow all these tips if you really aspire to walk the talk and reduce those extra ponds from your fat body. Although weight loss is a hard-working process, it has changed the lives of many enthusiastic people. That is the reason why so many people are opting for weight loss Midland programs.

To sum up, obesity hurts a person both physically and emotionally. But it is possible to cure this problem with due diligence and determination. Following some fruitful ways and adhering to weight loss experts could be helpful in this regard. If you follow the tips and advice, you may well be the inspiration of many others wishing to lose weight at the earnest.

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How to Find the Perfect Weight Loss Program for Yourself

Posted on November 15, 2018 | Under weight loss.

There are millions of people around the world who are obese or overweight, and would love to shed that extra weight and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, weight loss programs have become much commercialised, and although a person might spend a bomb on these programs, nothing may actually work for them. This is why it is very important to seek out a quality center for weight loss midland that will be able to customise a weight loss program according to your specific needs, so that you can achieve better results faster and maintain it throughout your life.

Here are some tips to help you recognise a quality weight loss program that will help you shed that extra weight and keep it off forever!

How to Find the Perfect Weight Loss Program for Yourself

  1. The Program Should have a Behavioural Change Plan

The first and foremost thing when it comes to following a program for weight loss midland and being successful at it, is a behavioural change. This includes a change in mindset, and a complete change in lifestyle. These are important elements for long term success in your weight loss goals. A good weight loss program will help you identify the problem areas in your life and work on them so that you can bring about a holistic change in your life, and reach your health goals easily.

  1. The Program will Encourage a Health Check Up

A good program for weight loss midland will encourage you to have a complete health check-up before you begin working on your weight loss goals. This is so that your health trainer can identify any health conditions you may be unaware of, and tailor your weight loss program according to your needs, taking special precautions when necessary.

  1. The Program will have Credibility

A trustworthy program for weight loss center odessa will have trained professionals on their staff. They will have a certified dietician, fitness professionals, and health coaches, along with a licenced and experienced counsellor to help you on your fitness journey. They will also have trained and qualified medical professionals such as nurses and physicians for emergency situations.

  1. The Program Will Be Customisable

A good program for weight loss midland will not be rigid in its diet or exercise plan. This is because what works for someone else may not actually give you the results you desire. Each weight loss plan should be tailor-made, according to your specific preferences and health condition. It should also not have an unrealistic diet or exercise plan that will not work for your lifestyle.

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weight loss Midland

How Personalized Weight Loss Plans Provide Better Results

Posted on July 25, 2018 | Under weight loss.

weight loss Midland

Do you want to start a weight loss program? Before you set a fitness goal, it is essential to understand the benefits of losing weight. A wide range of weight loss benefits keeps you enthused during the difficult moments of your exercise and diet regime. In order to achieve effective outcomes, you need to seek the consultation of a professional. A reliable fitness center provides you with a comprehensive diet plan for substantial weight loss in Midland that helps you cut the extra fab.

One of the top-notch weight loss centers run several customized fitness plans that can be personalized according to your body type. By joining such health programs you can get professional advice from fitness experts, including a dietician and a clinician to ensure effective weight loss. Most weight loss programs offer the utmost flexibility. However, the entire weight loss regime needs determination; thus, it is good to seek the help of qualified trainers for safe and speedy weight loss in Midland.

Below-mentioned are some of the advantages of joining a renowned fitness center:

  • A fitness center offers numerous weight loss programs for those who are having issues related to joint pains, hypertension, sleep apnea, urinary incontinence, varicose veins, and diabetes.
  • A team of specialists helps you losing an adequate amount of weight and offer you a wide range of diet plans in accordance with your body type.
  • An expert fitness trainer helps you identify the reasons for your weight gain and advice you on how to reduce the excess fat.
  • A personalized physical trainer at a weight loss center understands that each person is different, thereby, the approach to the entire fitness regime must not be the same.
  • A renowned fitness center helps you attain your potential weight loss goals while maintaining the value of vital nutrients in the body.
  • A systematic fitness regime facilitates you to optimize your health, decrease disease risk, and improve the overall lifestyle.

The top-notch weight loss centers feature various facilities that you can take advantage of. In addition, you can heave the access to important resources, comprising menus, health plans, etc. Also, most weight loss centers provide fitness programs for faster results. Therefore, it becomes imperative to take the help of the experts.

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How to Get Rid of Obesity, a Serious Health Concern

Posted on April 18, 2018 | Under weight loss.

Has weight gain become a serious issue for you? Are you looking for weight loss in Midland? Weight gain and obesity are serious health issues to be addressed. Obesity can be either a cause of dietary patterns or genetics that can pose a risk to life. Such chronic disease can negatively impact many systems of the body. It has been witnessed since the last a few years that obesity-related conditions led to the death of many people. People who are overweight suffer from conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, bone/joint disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, psychological effects, etc. Such weight gain conditions should be treated on time before it goes out of control.

Weight loss in Midland program is very effective for people suffering from obesity problem. A properly planned diet with low carbohydrate and regular exercise allow a person to lose more weight in a period of 6 months. Consuming refined carbs result in high blood sugar, which stimulates the overproduction of insulin. This is the main cause of weight gain as insulin diverts the food into fat and prevents your body from burning the fat. By following a proper diet plan from starting your day with a good breakfast consisting of almost 30% calories on the food like egg, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. By consuming a small amount of meal after a span of time, the level of insulin in your body will automatically lower down making you feel leaner than earlier. You should plan your diet well in advance and get used to it. In addition, you should not avoid drinking water as water diminishes around 50% of health issues.

It is true that the initial level of weight loss plan is quite difficult. You may feel slightly tired and weak in the initial weeks but as you follow the diet properly, your body will get accustomed to it and you will begin build stamina. Weight loss in Midland helps you cut the extra flab and help you achieve your ideal weight. Therefore, it is better to change your lifestyle before it is too late.

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Weight loss Midland

Bring your Body Back to Perfect Shape with Weight Loss Program

Posted on February 27, 2018 | Under weight loss.

Overweight and obesity are some of the serious problems faced by people across the globe. Excess body weight can be a cause of serious health problems including hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and many more. By eating healthy food and increasing physical activity at the same time can control health problems. According to weight loss in Midland, it has been advised by the specialists to take low carbohydrate diet instead of lowering down fat and calorie diet. Carbs can not only increase body weight but also increase medical issues. Intake of a large amount of carbohydrate can result in the increase of high blood sugar and overproduction of the level of insulin. As the level of insulin increases in the body so do its effect. Your body converts the amount of food consumed into fat and prevent it from burning the fat stored for energy. A higher level of insulin stimulates hunger response, which however increases carb intake.

As per the specialists of the weight loss program, it is very important to decrease the intake of carbohydrate to lose weight and increase the intake of protein which however stimulates the production of growth hormone allowing your body to build muscle and moderate production of fat. By eating smaller and frequent meals, the level of metabolism increases lowering down the insulin level not allowing fat to deposit in any part of your body. Whereas large meals increase the production of insulin. Lose your weight naturally and follow a diet plan as directed by the dietician.

In addition, it is very important to note that one should never smoke while exercising. If it has become difficult for you to keep up with an exercise program, it is wise to hire a personal trainer and expand your future health. Weightlifting, swimming, cycling, aerobics, etc. increase your stamina and improve your strength and endurance. It is very important to sweat, increase your breath and heart rate while exercising. Balance your diet and make a timetable of your diet to help people become fit and maintain body shape.

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Different Cosmetic Procedures to Bring Your Body Back in Shape

Posted on December 28, 2017 | Under weight loss.

Different Cosmetic Procedures to Bring Your Body Back in Shape

Who doesn’t desire for a perfectly shaped body? But, ever wondered, when almost everyone wants that same, then why only few look fit? Many times, people keep on trying different activities and medication to bring their bodies in shape, but they fail every time. The reason is that either they don’t opt for right procedures or not get the correct guidance. But there are some renowned wellness centers for weight loss in Alpine, where you can find the perfect advice and schedules to help you in losing weight.

However, the weight loss definitely makes you look better; still, you need to lose some extra fat and heavy folds of skin to improve your body shape and to achieve a toned body.

Cosmetic Treatments for perfect shape after weight loss

  • Liposuction – This is very popular and helpful procedure for improving your body’s shape after the weight loss. It is used to reduce the unwanted fat deposits from various parts of the body such as waist, thighs, hips, arms etc. It is a long-lasting procedure if body weight is maintained.
  • Tummy Tuck – It is generally used to eliminate excess skin from the abdominal region. The procedure can also help in removing the stretch marks and scars from the lower part of the abdomen. This makes the patients fit into clothes that they could not wear previously, which increases their confidence and happiness.
  • Breast Augmentation – Alike other parts of your body, the breast can also suffer sagging. A breast lift procedure can help them by removing extra skin and tissue, lifting, repositioning the nipples and reshaping them. Therefore, it can not only reshape your breast but also provide them a complete touch-up.
  • Butt lift – After losing plenty of weight, your buttock might also demand a reshaping procedure. You can get its size augmented and in perfect shape by silicon butt implant or by butt lift procedure.

These are various types of cosmetic surgery to help people gain a fit and firmer body shape. So, if you want to achieve the shape of your dreams, visit our Body Focus Spa, a wellness center for weight loss in Alpine, Texas and redefine your body. You can connect with us at bodyfocusspa@gmail.com.

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Treat Your Weight Issues Right

Posted on May 30, 2017 | Under weight loss.

Obesity issues are very common these days and various weight loss programs are advertised everywhere through magazines, newspapers, websites and radio. While these weight loss treatments promise to help you get rid of the unwanted flab on your stomach, you need to ensure if they are safe for your health or not. Professionals at these weight loss centers usually guide you on everything related to your physical fitness. After getting an understanding about your physical capabilities and limitations via medical tests, these experts provide you with the right exercise regimen and dietary charts that you need to follow to improve your physical state.

Why go to experts?

Although you can try doing yoga and exercise on your own to treat your heavy weight, but without the proper guidance; these can be harmful. Since each body type has its own behavior, going for anything without proper knowledge about it can turn the favor around for your body. If you are looking for weight loss in Alpine, make sure you consult to a certified physician, who gives you advice on losing weight only after studying your individual body type. Before starting the program for weight loss in Alpine, you should know the ideal weight according to your age and weight.

Avoid common mistakes

While on a weight lose program, you don’t necessarily have to suffer from starvation. Some people do it to get quick results, which may do the opposite. Skipping meals is another mistake people usually do while on a weight loss plan. However, this can cause more eating in your next meal; leading you to more weight gain and an imbalanced diet. Don’t rely on fat-burning supplements, as these won’t work unless you follow a healthy regimen.

Keep in mind

Staying active with help of physical activities is ideal to stay fit, but our jobs don’t involve much of physical activities. Don’t restrict yourself to this limitation and do exercise to stay active throughout the day that will also help you to get sound sleep. Eating unhealthy junk food should be replaced with healthy vegetables. Instead of indulging in heavy meals, go for various small meals throughout the day.

Avoiding common mistakes and following right things can help you achieve your ideal weight. Choosing a professional for weight loss assistance, you will get a customized plan that fits right to your present body condition. While you can entirely depend on your physician, you can put in some extra efforts to cut out on the extra flab.

If you are interested in learning more about weight loss, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ahmed today.

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